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All our vertical gutters are lined with protective foil that is removed after installation!
It is also possible to order vertical gutters without protective foil.

Rainwater drainage systems

We manufacture them on modern machines of unlimited length in all standard RALs, depending on customer needs, where a protective film is also applied to prevent mechanical damage during transportation or assembly. They are made of galvanized plasticized, copper and aluminum sheets, 0.5 mm thick. The shape can be square (max 6 m) or round shape (unlimited length), larger or smaller developed widths, depending on the customer’s need.

• Used for stormwater drainage of the hideout
• It is mounted vertically with respect to the horizontal gutter, and mounting is carried out with a helmet holder

• sheet 0.50 mm thick
• galvanized plasticized, copper, aluminum sheets
• Zinc coated plastic sheet is also available in color according to standard RALs (RAL: 8019, 3009, 9006, 9005, 6005 and 5010)

• pipe diameter is Ø120, Ø 100, Ø 80 mm, also available in other widths, depending on customer need
• Square pipes are delivered up to six meters in length
• The life span of galvanized plastic sheet is 20-25 years, while the lifetime for copper is unlimited