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The tile panel ensures 100% roof tightness.

The standard covered board width is 1.1m, and the length depends on the customer’s need. It is widely represented as the best choice to cover all types of buildings, from prefabricated houses and cottages, through single-family homes, to large apartment buildings and office buildings.

Particular emphasis should be given to the tile’s durability and durability. The tile board is durable in all climates, which is absolutely unattainable for other roofing materials.

It is also different from the traditional tile, weighing 50 kg / m2 and the tile plate only 5 kg / m2.

All profiles are made of first class, second and third class materials. The first class materials are explicitly 0.50-0.60 mm thick, and they can be supplied in all colors. The materials of the second and third classes are of smaller thickness and extra-standard colors.