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DR! PSTOP anti-condensation felt solves one of the biggest problems with sheet metal – condensation! Moisture dripping occurs on uninsulated profiled sheets during periods of the day when the outside air temperature is lower than the temperature of the covered area, usually at night. The moisture that DR! PSTOP absorbs with its fibers, 1 l / m2, is dried and evaporated by natural ventilation throughout the day. Felt is self-adhesive and is placed on the back of the sheet before profiling.

Advantages of DR! PSTOP anti-condensation felt:

Vapor permeable foils are not required;
Faster roof coverage;
Additional sheet surface protection;
Absorbs sound (rain);
It is bacteriologically resistant;
Resistance to combustion A2-s1
(standard EN 13501).
For the proper functioning of the antincondensation felt, it is necessary to provide natural ventilation of the roof to allow the membrane to dry during the day. Otherwise the moisture stays in the felt and starts to drip over time. DR! PSTOP absorbs a liter of moisture per square meter with its fibers.