Self-drilling screws
Self-drilling screws made by renowned European manufacturer Info-GLOBAL made of special steel and galvanized and plasticised. They have a special EPDM washer and are resistant to mechanical damage, corrosion and UV rays.
The standardized dimension of the screws for the wooden subframe is 4.8 x 35 mm. All bolts are in RAL colors as are our sheets.

Proofread sprays
When installing painted sheets as well as when cutting finished profiles to size, there is a great potential for damage to the paint. In order to prevent corrosion but also to improve the aesthetic impression, we use quick-drying correction sprays.
Sprays are available in doses of 400ml and according to the appropriate color of the sheet.

Polyurethane adhesives – sealants
With the development of new machines and technologies that made the elements of building sheet metal manufactured at greater lengths, there were problems with the joining of such elements due to the expansion of the material and the cracking of the composition.
A good solution is polyurethane adhesives – sealants, which have a wide range of applications and are ideal for bonding both galvanized and colored sheets. The resulting joint is flexible, does not crack at high and low temperatures, can be machined or painted and is resistant to external influences.