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Power cabinets

OS1001 MDO 400X400 1vr-1sk
OS1002 MDO 500X270 1vr-1sk
OS1003 MDO 500X400 1vr-1sk
OS1004 MDO 500X400 1vr-2sk
OS1005 MDO 500X400 2vr-2sk
OS1006 MDO 600X400 1vr-1sk
OS1007 MDO 600X400 1vr-2sk
OS1008 MDO 600X400 2vr-2sk
OS1009 MDO 600X600 2vr-3sk
OS1010 MDO 650X650 2vr-4sk
OS1011 MDO 400X400 N-Ž
OS1012 MDO 500X270 N-Ž
OS1013 MDO 500X400 N-Ž
OS1014 MDO 600X400 N-Ž
OS1015 MDO 400X400 stubni
OS1016 MDO 500X270 stubni
OS1017 MDO 500X400 stubni
OS1018 MDO 600X400 stubni

Power cabinets

OS1019 OG 300X200
OS1020 OG 300X300
OS1021 OG 400X300
OS1022 OG 500X300
OS1023 OG 400X400
OS1024 OG 500X400
OS1025 OG 600X400
OS1026 OG 600X600
OS1027 OG 800X600
OS1028 OG 800X800
OS1029 OG 1000X800
OS1030 OG 1000X800 2vr
OS1031 OG 1000X1000
OS1032 OG 1000X1000 2vr
OS1033 OG 1200X1000 2vr
OS1034 OG 1200X1200 2vr
OS1035 KPO-1 125A
OS1036 KPO-2 250A
OS1037 KPO-3 400A

Electrical distribution cabinets
Metal cabinets

Electrical distribution cabinets are intended for installation of measuring devices for measuring electricity, distribution equipment, and protection of circuits in residential buildings of individual or common consumption and in industrial and other facilities.

In addition to the standard, we also manufacture electrical distribution cabinets at customer’s request. Cabinet dimensions and equipment layout are defined according to project documentation. We manufacture cabinets in accordance with the technical requirements of the relevant distribution areas.

El. switchboards are made of Elo-Zn stainless steel sheet 0.70-1.5 mm thick. The cabinets are equipped with their own lock and key. They are electrostatically painted, ie plasticized in standard RAL 7032 or at customer’s request.

– Polyester epoxy, (for indoor products) 50 microns
– Polyester, high UV protection (for products intended for outdoor use) 50 microns

– For exterior products, we recommend the addition of a cinnamon primer to achieve long-term rust resistance.