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The Mavis trademark identifies a grouping of pre-painted steel strips with specific characteristics important for roofing and cladding, as well as for the production of gutters and roofing elements.

Mavis is highly resistant to UV and corrosion. To simplify the work of the installer, Mavis has a finish that is extremely scratch resistant.


UV resistance

UV resistant even at high altitudes. More weather resistant than normal surfaces. More time consuming.

Easy installation

To simplify the work of the installer, Mavis is divided into two products. The DX51D base metal line is heavier and is recommended for groove production, while the DX53D base metal line is softer and calculable, ideal for a double clamp seam roof.

Scratch resistant

Scratch resistant to facilitate operator activity and achieve a more aesthetic result for your customer.

Environmentally friendly for recycling

Mavis is 100% safe for recycling.