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OP 0056 PTT bigger cabinet
OP 0055  A smaller cabinet with a canopy
OP 0057 A larger cabinet – a newspaper
OP 0054 PTT smaller cabinet
OP 0058 Cabinet for staircases
OP 0060 PTT BMX (suggestions )


We also have mailboxes in our product range.

– Made of cold rolled and Elo-Zn sheet metal.
– Protected by electrostatic platification in RAL colors, at customer’s request.
– Mail inlets have a cover – a spring-loaded flap that prevents unauthorized removal of mail.
– Each box has its own two-key lock and a place to set a user name.

Machining includes operations such as CNC punching and punching, cutting, bending, welding, slicing and puncturing sheet metal. In addition, we offer you our extensive long-term experience in the production of a full range of products, such as enclosures for various applications, parts for electronic circuits and a variety of parts from other industries.

– Polyester epoxy, (for indoor products) 50 microns
– Polyester, high UV protection (for products intended for outdoor use) 50 microns

– For exterior products, we recommend the addition of a cinnamon primer to achieve long-term rust resistance.