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OHO101 ZHO 500X500X140
OHO102 ZHO sa st. 500X500X140
OHO104 ZHO INOX 500X500X140
OHO105 ZO-PPA S6 540x300x240
OHO107 ZO-PPA S9V 740X260X330
OHO10108 ZO-PPAS9VS 740X260X330
OH0110 ZKO H+PPA 1220X500X200
OH0113 SS-PHO 1080X1080X160
OH0115 MS za PIJESAK 1000x550x600

Hydrant cabinets

They are used to accommodate fire extinguishers, solid materials burning with flames or embers.

Hydrant cabinets are installed in residential and public buildings, industrial buildings, warehouses, etc.

The material of the cabinets is Elo-Zn sheet or stainless steel 0.8 to 1.5 mm thick, and in order to achieve maximum corrosion protection, each individual element is additionally electrostatically painted and thermally treated, so that the varnished surface except more corrosion resistant it also has the added aesthetic value of being able to fit into the interior of a residential building. The cabinets are supplied standard in RAL 3001 red.

– Polyester epoxy, (for indoor products) 50 microns
– Polyester, high UV protection, (for products intended for outdoor use) 50 microns

– For outdoor products, we recommend the addition of a cinnamon primer to achieve long-term rust resistance.