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All our products are coated with removable foil after installation! It is also possible to order all products without foil.

Rainwater drainage systems

• Used in building tin, used to collect stormwater from the roof
• Mounts horizontally to the roof end with a hook

• sheet thickness 0.50 to 0.70 mm
• Copper, aluminum and galvanized plastic sheet
• Zinc coated plastic sheet is also available in color according to standard RALs (RAL: 8019, 3009, 9006, 9005, 6005 and 5010)

• The shape can be semi-circular or square depending on the customer’s preference
• developed sheet width is usually 250 or 330 mm, they come in other widths at customer’s request
• The semi-circular gutter is delivered in unlimited lengths and the maximum length of a square gutter is 6 meters
• The life span of galvanized plastic sheet is 20-25 years, while the lifetime for copper is unlimited
• it is highly resistant to all weather conditions and comes with a protective foil that prevents mechanical damage during transport or assembly