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Manifold cabinet

OG0076 OPG TIP 1200,

OG0077 OPG TIP 1000,

OG0078 OPG TIP 900,

OG0079 OPG TIP 750,

OG0080 OPG TIP 600,

OG0081 OPG TIP 500,

OG0082 OPG TIP 400,

OG0095 OPG TIP 300.

Distribution cabinets for central heating
Metal cabinets

In our product range we also have distribution cabinets for central heating. The production of cabinets is the result of long planning and development. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our expert team, we were able to develop a product that meets the highest quality standards. Central heating switchboards are manufactured from the highest quality materials on machines, which represent the cutting edge of technology in the field. We paid special attention to quality control at every stage of production. Thanks to this, we distribute cabinets except in our own market and in western Europe. The production of cabinets is technologically very demanding and consists of over 20 individual technological stages. The end product is of uniform quality. We produce cabinets in over ten different standard types from 300 × 400 to 1200 × 600 depending on the internally usable dimension of the manifold.

The material of the cabinets is Elo-Zn or galvanized sheet thickness 0.8 to 1.25 mm, and in order to achieve maximum corrosion protection, each individual element is additionally electrostatically painted and thermally treated, so that the varnished surface except more corrosion resistant it also has the added aesthetic value of being able to fit into the interior of a residential building. The cabinets are supplied standard in white RAL 9010, and can be produced in other colors at customer request. (this does not apply to individual orders).

– Polyester epoxy, (for indoor products) 50 microns
– Polyester, high UV protection, (for products intended for outdoor use) 50 microns

– For outdoor products, we recommend the addition of a cinnamon primer that achieves long-term rust resistance

  • Ormari za grijanje su izrađeni od pocinčanog lima debljine 1,00 mm, a nogari oramara od pocinčanog lima debljine 1,50 mm.
  • Ormar se spaja sa nitnama, izbjegnuti su varovi, što čini kompletan ormar nehrđajući.
  • Ram i vrata su plastificirani visokoklvalitetnom bojom RAL 9016, a vrata su opremljena plastičnom bravom.
  • Visina prostora za letvicu kod svih ormara je 495 mm, visina ormara je standardna 685 mm + okolica rama, aširine su raspoređene po tipovima.